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2nd Hyderabad International Film Festival

2nd Hyderabad International Film Festival is an event that took place between 03-Jan-2008 and 10-Jan-2008 in Hyderabad.
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The Hyderabad Film Club, together with the Telugu Film Directors' Association, is organising the 2nd edition of the Hyderabad International Film Festival, from 3rd to 10th January, at various screening venues across the city.

The festival is aimed at showcasing the best of Indian and foreign films to audiences of Andhra Pradesh. Over 105 films from all over the world, with focus on South Africa, will be screened during the 8 days of the festival. There will be interactions with directors, and open forums for discussions.

Entry to the festival screenings is strictly through delegate passes, earmarked for Guests, Organising Committee Members, Invitees and Delegates, except for screenings at Lalithakala Thoranam which are free. The delegate passes are priced at Rs. 500 for the entire period of the festival. These passes can be obtained from the festival office in Sarathi Studios at Ameerpet, on production of two passport size photographs.

Screenings will be undertaken under various categories, such as World Cinema (WC), Country Focus, Hungary (CFH), French Package (FP), Cuban Five (CF), Finnish Five (FF), Indian Cinema (IC), Just For Laugh (JL), Russian Roulette (RL), Turkish Kebabs (TK), Telugu Popular Cinema (TPC), Retrospectives - Im Kwon-Taek, L V Prasad (R), Homage - I Bergman, Antonioni, K K Mahajan (H), and Kusturica's Package (KP)

The detailed schedule of the screenings is as under:

Prasads IMAX

4th January
9:00am - Day And Night (WC) - A Danish Film
11:00am - Flanders (WC) - A Chinese Film

5th January
9:00am - My Life In The Air (WC) - A French Film
11:00am - Swopnodanay (WC) - A Bangla Film

6th January
9:00am - The Missing Star (WC) - An Italian Film
11:00am - Last Stop For Paul (WC) - A US Film

7th January
9:00am - Balkan Brothers (WC) - A Serbian Film
11:00am - Gafla (IC) - A Hindi Film

8th January
9:00am - Hukkle (CFH) - A Hungarian Film
11:00am - Moggine Jade (IC) - A Kannada Film

9th January
9:00am - Nirontor (WC) - A Bangla Film
11:00am - Atheetham (IC) - A Malayalam Film

10th January
9:00am - Cruel Embrace (WC) - A Srilankan Film
11:00am - Jasminum (WC) - A Polish Film

Prasads Screen-I

4th January
9:00am - Goodbye Lenin (WC) - A German Film
11:00am - Tresseta (WC) - A Croatian Film

5th January
9:00am - Our Time (Kaal) (IC) - A Bengali Film
11:00am - Love Made Easy (WC) - A US Film

6th January
9:00am - Tough Enough (WC) - A German Film
11:00am - Ore Kadal (IC) - A Malayalam Film

7th January
9:00am - Restaurant (IC) - A Marathi Film
11:00am - Afternoon (WC) - A Germany Film

8th January
9:00am - Temptations (CFH) - A French Film
11:00am - Wesh Wesh - A French Film by Rabah Ameurzaimeche

9th January
9:00am - Vagabond (CFH) - A Hungarian Film
11:00am - Zim and Co (FP) - A French Film

10th January
9:00am - Maati Maay (IC) - A Marathi Film
11:00am - When You Come Down From Heaven (FP) - A French Film

Prasads Screen-II

4th January
9:00am - Red Desert (H) - An Italian Film
11:00am - Aganthukaya (WC) - A Srilankan Film
3:00pm - The Song Of Birth (WC) - An Iranian Film
5:00pm - Big Time (WC) - A Phillipines Film
7:00pm - Sunday In Kigali (WC) - A Canadian Film

5th January
9:00am - The Face (H) - A Swedish Film
11:00am - Periyar (IC) - A Tamil Film
3:00pm - A Time For Druken Horses (WC) - An Iranian Film
5:00pm - Not Here To Be Loved (WC) - A French Film
7:00pm - Twilight (WC) - An Iranian Film

6th January
9:00am - Prussian Gangsters (WC) - A German Film
11:00am - Yenning Ammadi Likla (IC) - A Manipuri Film
3:00pm - The Black Board (WC) - An Iranian Film
5:00pm - The Secret of Marmorera (WC) - A Swiss Film
7:00pm - Gamblers (WC) - A French Film

7th January
9:00am - Sunday Afternoon (IC) - A Bengali Film
11:00am - Chalti Ka Naam Gadi (JL) - A Hindi Film by Satyen Bose
3:00pm - Day Of The Result (WC) - An Iranian Film by Masoud Karamati
5:00pm - Forgetting Cheyenne (FP) - A French Film by Valerier Minetto
7:00pm - A White Ballad (WC) - An Italian Film by Stefano Odoardi

8th January
9:00am - Love My Life (WC) - A Japanese Film by Koji Kawano
11:00am - Aha Naa Pellanta (JL) - A Telugu Film by Jandhyala
3:00pm - Lord Krishna Dances Under Kadamba Tree (IC) - An Asamese Film by Suman Haripriya
5:00pm - Samia (FP) - A French Film by Phillippe Faucon
7:00pm - My Neighbours (WC) - A French Film by Malik Chibane

9th January
11:00am - Donkey in Lahore (WC) - An Australian Film by Faramarz Krahber
3:00pm - Mystery Of The Wolf (WC) - A Finnish Film by Raimo O Niemi
5:00pm - Thaniye (IC) - A Malayalam Film by Babu Thiruvalla
7:00pm - What Is A Man Without A Mustache (WC) - A Croatian Film by Hrvoje Hribar

10th January
9:00am - Mrigaya (H) - A Hindi Film by Mrinal Sen
11:00am - Flirt (WC) - A Serbian Film by Vladimar Mica Popovis, Radoslav Vojnovic, Nikola Misic & Mladen Sevic
3:00pm - Dealer (CFH) - A Hungarian Film by Benedek Fliegauf

Prasads Screen-III

4th January
9:00am - Last Stop for Paul (WC) - A US Film by Neil Mandt
11:00am - Surrogate Mother (R) - A South Korean Film by Im Kwon-Taek
3:00pm - One-Way Ticket To Mombasa (FF) - A Finnish Film by Hannu Mombasan
5:00pm - Full Circle (WC) - A UK Film by Michael Jaffer
7:00pm - The Lark Farm (WC) - An Italian Film by Paolo & Vihorio Taviani

5th January
9:00am - Teeth of Love (WC) - A Chinese Film by Zhuang Yuxin
11:00am - The General's Son (R) - A South Korean Film by Im Kwon-Taek
3:00pm - Summit Circle (WC) - A Canadian Film by Bernard Emond
5:00pm - Ammuvaaghiya Naan (IC) - A Tamil Film by Padma Magan
7:00pm - Ossidiana (WC) - An Italian Film by Silvana Maja

6th January
9:00am - Puruthi Veeran (IC) - A Tamil Film by Ameer Sultan
11:30am - The General's Son-II (R) - A South Korean Film by Im Kwon-Taek
3:00pm - Ambush (WC) - A Finnish Film by Olli Saarela
5:00pm - Change of Address (WC) - A French Film by Emmanuel Mouret
7:00pm - Ninas Mall (WC) - A Mexican Film by Fernando Sarinana

7th January
9:00am - Savior's Square (WC) - A Polish Film by Joona Kos-Krauze & Krzysztof Krauze
11:00am - Sopyonje (R) - A South Korean Film by Im Kwon-Taek
3:00pm - Upswing (FF) - A Finnish Film by Johanna Vuoksenmaa
5:00pm - Aria (WC) - A Japanese Film by Takushi Tsubokawa
7:00pm - Ratri Mazha (IC) - A Malayalam Film by Lenin Rajendran

8th January
9:00am - Uro (WC) - A Norwegian Film by Stefan Faldbakken
11:00am - The Tae Baek Mountains (R) - A South Korean Film by Im Kwon-Taek
3:00pm - Raila Re (IC) - A Hindi Film by Ajit Naag
7:00pm - Porcelian Doll (CFH) - A Hungarian Film by Peter Gardos

9th January
9:00am - Several People Little Time (WC) - A Polish Film by Andrezei Baravski
11:00am - Chunhyang (R) - A South Korean Film by Im Kwon-Taek
3:00pm - Kaal Chakra (IC) - A Marathi Film by Vishal Bhandari
5:00pm - Prussian Gangsters (WC) - A German Film by Irmakinga Stelmish
7:00pm - Kada Beladingalu (IC) - A Kannada Film by B S Lingadevaru

10th January
9:00am - Afternoon (WC) - A German Film by Angela Schanelec
11:00am - Chihwaseon (R) - A South Korean Film by Im Kwon-Taek
3:00pm - Nandanavanam 120km (IC)- A Telugu Film by Neelakanta

Prasads Screen-V (Digital Screening)

4th January
9:00am - Screening of Short and Documentary Films
2:00pm - Two Young Girls (TK) - A Turkish Film by Kutlud Ataman
4:00pm - Scent Of Oak (CF) - A Cuban Film by Rigoberto Lopez
6:00pm - 72 Meters (RR) - A Russian Film by Vladimir Khotinenko
8:00pm - The Island (RR) - A Russian Film by Lungin Pavel

5th January
9:00am - Screening of Short and Documentary Films
2:00pm - You'll Never Leave Me (RR) - A Russian Film by Alia Surikova
4:00pm - Love As A Test - A Kyrgyzstan Film by Ainagul Isakova
6:00pm - Piter FM (RR) - A Russian Film by Oksana Bychkova
8:00pm - Big Time (WC) - A Philippines Film by Mario Cornejo

6th January
9:00am - Screening of Short and Documentary Films
2:00pm - Heart Break (TK) - A Turkish Film by Yavuz Turgl
4:00pm - Kagbeni (WC) - A Nepali Film by Bhusan Dahal
6:00pm - Under Ground (KP) - A US/French Film by Emir Kusturica

7th January
9:00am - Screening of Short and Documentary Films
2:00pm - Pages from Mauricio's Diary (CF) - A Cuban Film by Manuel Perez
4:00pm - Infinite Justice (WC) - A Pakistani Film by Jamil Dehlavi
6:00pm - When Father Was Away On Business (KP) - A Yugoslav Film by Emir Kusturica
8:00pm - Arizona Dream (KP) - A US/French Film by Emir Kusturica

8th January
9:00am - Screening of Short and Documentary Films
2:00pm - Ice Cream, I Scream (TK) - A Turkish Film by Yuksel Aksu
4:00pm - Neighborhood (CF) - A Cuban Film by Humberto Solas
8:00pm - God Forbid Greater Evil (WC) - A Croatian Film by Snjezana Tribuson

9th January
9:00am - Screening of Short and Documentary Films
2:00pm - EL Benny (CF) - A Cuban Film by Jorge Luis Sanchez
4:00pm - Listener (RR) - A Russian Film by Vladimir Zaykin
6:00pm - Borrowed Bride (TK) - A Turkish Film by Atif Yilmaz
8:00pm - The Mother Wolf Of Ves'egonsk (RR) - A Russian Film by Nikolai Solovtsov

10th January 2008
9:00am - Screening of Short and Documentary Films
2:00pm - Long Life To Cuba (CF) - A Cuban Film by Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti

Amaravathi 70mm, Lakdi-Ka-Pul

4th January
9:30am - Mother of Mine (FF) - A Finnish Film by Klaus Haro
11:30pm - Dee (TPC) - A Telugu Film by Srinu Vaitla
2:30pm - Aidieu (IC) - An Assamese Film by Bhusan Dahal
5:00pm - Jathinga Et al (IC) - An Assamese Film by Rajkamai Bhuyan
7:30pm - Grihapravesam (R) - A Telugu Film by L V Prasad

5th January
9:30am - The Great Dictator (JL) - A US Film by Charlie Chaplin
11:30pm - Lakshyam (TPC) - A Telugu Film by Sreevas
2:30pm - Ganga (IC) - A Telugu Film by Vemu
5:00pm - Prithvi (IC) - A Bengali Film by Sisir Sahana
7:30pm - Bhagyavathi (R) - A Telugu Film by L V Prasad

6th January
9:30am - Sunday In Kigali (WC) - A Canadian Film by Robert Favreau
11:30pm - Mee Sreyobhilashi (IC) - A Telugu Film by Eswar Reddy
2:30pm - Palli Koodam (IC) - A Tamil Film by Thangarbachan
5:00pm - Anasuya (IC) - A Telugu Film by Ravi Babu
7:30pm - Mana Desam (R) - A Telugu Film by L V Prasad

7th January
9:30am - 9 Roobai Notu (IC) A Tamil Film by Tangarbachan
11:30pm - Periyar (IC) - A Tamil Film by Gnana Rajasekaran
2:30pm - The Brothersome Man (WC) - A Norwegian Film by Jens Lien
5:00pm - Vinterland (WC) - A Norwegian Film by Hisham Zaman
7:30pm - Miss Mary (R) - A Hindi Film by L V Prasad

8th January
11:30am - Festival (R) - A South Korean Film by Im Kwon-Taek
2:30pm - Sankara (WC) - A Srilankan Film by Prasanna Jayakody
7:00pm - Mangayar Tilakam (R) - A Tamil Film by L V Prasad

9th January
9:30am - Bhuvan Shome (H) - A Hindi Film by Mrinal Sen
11:30pm - The Secret Of Marmorera (WC) - An Indian Film by Markus Fischer
2:30pm - Madhu Masam (IC) - A Telugu Film by Chandra Siddharta
5:00pm - Porcelain Doll (CFH) - A Hungarian Film by Peter Gardos
7:30pm - Athithi (TPC) - A Telugu Film by Surender Reddy

10th January
9:30am - Love Trick (WC) - An Egyptian Film
11:30pm - Tresseta (WC) - A Croatian Film by Drazen Zarjivuc

Lalitha Kala Thoranam - Public Gardens

3rd January
5.30pm - Inaugural function followed by screening of opening film Teeth Of Love - A Chinese film by Zhuang Yuxin

4th January
6.30pm - Happy Days - A Telugu Film by Sekhar Kammula

5th January
6.30 pm - Sri Ramadasu - A Telugu Film by K Raghavender Rao

6th January
6.30 pm - Chandamama - A Telugu Film by Krishna Vamsi

7th January
6.30 pm - Yamadonga - A Telugu Film by Raja Mouli

8th January
6.30 pm - Chiruta - A Telugu Film by Puri Jaganath

10th January
5.30 pm - Valedictory function followed by screening of closing film A Few Kilos Of Dates For Funeral - An Iranian Film by Saman Salour

There are four sections in which awards will be given. In Category-I, there are two sections, Fiction (1 to 15 minutes short films) & Fiction (1 to 45 minutes short films). In Category-II, there are two sections, Non-Fiction (1 to 15 minutes documentary films) & Non-Fiction (1 to 45 minutes documentary films). A total of nine awards will be awarded - Best Film & Best Director in each category, plus a Special Jury Award. The awards include a memento and prize money.

Please contact Bh S S Prakash Reddy of the Hyderabad Film Club at 2373-0841/93910-20243 for further details.
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